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Disclaimer:- The rajashreewin.com analysis provided on verify scams is based on automated scanning based on our Algorithm, and publicly available data. While we ( verify scams ) strive to provide accurate and reliable assessments with our trained Algorithm. But To find rajashreewin.com is legit or a scam,  the analysis should be interpreted with caution.

rajashreewin.com Scam Score Analysis

Verify scams has introduces Scam Score, which  is a numerical indicator used to assess the level of risk associated with a website. It provides users with valuable insight into the likelihood of encountering scams or fraudulent activities while interacting with a particular website. The Scam Score typically ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating a greater risk of potential scams.

Scam Score

rajashreewin.com has received 75 Scam Score in our Analysis

Interpreting Scam Scores


  • 0 to 49: Low Risk – Websites with Scam Scores in this range are deemed relatively safe for user interaction. However, exercising caution is always recommended.

  • 50 to 79: Moderate Risk – Websites falling within this range warrant heightened vigilance. Users should carefully evaluate the legitimacy of such websites before engaging further.

  • 80 to 100: High Risk – Websites with Scam Scores exceeding 80 are considered highly risky and may pose significant threats of scams or fraudulent activities. Users are strongly advised to avoid interaction with such websites.

Detailed Analysis of rajashreewin.com

Upon reviewing the website "Rajashree Win," we have conducted a thorough assessment to determine its authenticity and potential risks. Our evaluation focused on various aspects to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the website's trustworthiness.


- The website "Rajashree Win" lacks essential credibility indicators such as information about the company, its origins, or the team behind the platform. This absence of transparency raises concerns about the legitimacy of the website and its operations.

Content Quality:

- The website primarily offers online games without detailed descriptions or explanations, which may leave visitors confused about the services provided. The lack of informative content could signify a rushed or potentially fraudulent website.

Contact Information:

- "Rajashree Win" provides minimal contact information, only an email address, with no physical address or phone number displayed. This limited contact information makes it difficult for users to reach out in case of issues or concerns, which could be a red flag for potential customers.

Security Measures:

- Upon further investigation, the website does not display any SSL certificate, which encrypts data exchanges between users and the website. This absence of basic security measures could expose users to risks such as data breaches or cyber attacks.

Customer Reviews:

- We could not find any customer reviews or testimonials on the website or other reliable platforms. The absence of feedback from users raises questions about the website's reputation and reliability.

Overall Assessment:

- Based on our evaluation, the website "Rajashree Win" raises significant red flags concerning its credibility, content quality, transparency, contact information, security measures, and customer feedback. The lack of essential information and security features indicates potential scam risks associated with using this platform.


- We strongly advise users to exercise caution when considering the use of the website "Rajashree Win." Due to the lack of credibility, transparency, and security measures, it is advisable to refrain from engaging with this platform to avoid potential risks to your personal information and financial security.

In conclusion, it is crucial to prioritize safety and security while browsing and engaging with online platforms. Always ensure to conduct thorough research and look for essential trust signals before interacting with unfamiliar websites.

Website Scanned Date :- 2024-05-08 06:38:54

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