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Verify Scams Latest Articles

How Deep Fake AI videos are New Threat for People

The internet was once a secure place but nowadays, it’s filled with cunning frauds. Cybercriminals are tricking us with advanced technology, particularly when they claim that celebrities encourage fraudulent transactions. To fool you into believing you can generate quick money, they create websites and films that look legitimate.

Deep fake scam

When your favorite athlete or actress uses their fame to trick you into investing in a bad company or downloading a fraudulent betting app, you should think twice before falling for their manipulation. Scammers have the ability to create videos in which celebrities say things they have never said it may sound strange. These so-called “deepfake” videos deceive viewers into believing nonsense.

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Fake News Sites

The development of websites that imitate the style and feel of reliable news make the frauds incredibly sophisticated. These fraudulent platforms fabricate success tales to show how celebrities and corporate titans have made large gains from certain investments, including crypto currency. The intention was to lure gullible people in with the promise of easy and rapid money.

You will be amazed to know that the pictures of well-known Indians like Nandan Nilekani, Shahrukh Khan, Narayan Murthy, and Mukesh Ambani have been stolen and used to support these allegations. Scammers have created websites that are eerily similar to reliable news sources like The Indian Express and the BBC, going to considerable pains to do this. False articles are posted on these fake websites, claiming that well-known people have invested millions of dollars in cryptocurrency platforms, with huge returns for those who do the same.


These days, scammers use modern technology to generate and spread false information automatically. They may create a lot of false videos with artificial intelligence and post them on websites like YouTube. As a result, people will find it more difficult to distinguish between false and real.

The Call for Truth from Clarion

The public denials from these personalities themselves are a result of their identities being misused. In a public statement, Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani refuted the rumors of his involvement in a cryptocurrency project on social media. He referred to these claims as “#fakenews” in a tweet, highlighting the public’s need for caution.

Celebrity Deep Fakes: A New Threat in Online Scams

Now, scammers are using deepfake technology to create very realistic videos of famous people endorsing fake products or schemes. They use these fake videos to trick people into believing their lies. Even well-known Indian celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Virat Kohli have been targeted.

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Fighting Deception: How We Can Protect Ourselves

In order to avoid the growing issue of deep fakes and fake news, you have to follow few rules

  • Identifying Fake Content

Although deep fakes can look very real, there are often small clues that show they’re fake. For example, the voice might sound strange or robotic. It’s important to be aware and skeptical, especially regarding high-profile people endorsing strange things.

  • Understanding the Seriousness of the Problem

It’s not just celebrities who are affected by these scams. They damage trust in online information and make it harder for people to know what’s true. We need to take action to stop them from spreading further.

  • Moving Forward: How you Can Fight Back

You need to be smart when we see things online. As technology changes, you need to keep learning how to tell what’s real from what’s fake. You also need better rules and security online to stop these scams.

Staying Safe in the Digital World to protect yourselves you should

  • Be careful and think smartly about what we see online.
  • Check information with reliable sources before believing it.
  • Be cautious of celebrity endorsements for strange products.
  • Report anything suspicious we see online to the right people.


Deepfake is a severe issue; you can’t ignore it because the scammers use such deep fake videos to loot you. They create deep fake videos to make you believe that you have to invest where other actors and social influencers are investing. But you must understand this and protect yourself from such scams by adopting intelligent moves.

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