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Ram Mandir Prasad booking online : Scam Alert

Ram Mandir Prasad booking online: Scam Alert

Ram mandir prasad

On the occasion of the Ram Temple inauguration in Ayodhya, Many Scammers are trying to take the opportunity of this day and scamming people in a new way. Scammers are targeting people by offering them to Buy Ram Mandir Prasad Online.

Ram mandir prasad booking online scam happening in two ways:-

1:- Scammers charge some cost of prasad and ask people to buy it. As people have belief and faith towards Shree Ram ji. So people are paying for Ram mandir Prasad and ordering from Scammers’ Websites, There can be two cases, They may deliver you some prasad, but not the authentic one (As temple trust has already given a statement that they are not providing any such Ram mandir prasad to people through online delivery), another case can be, they will run away with your money and does not deliver you anything.

The second way of scamming people for the sake of Free ram Mandir Prasad booking online is…

2:- Scammers offering Prasad for free, But asking for delivery charges. Delivery charges may vary from 50 to 1000 Rs. In this case scammers are collecting money for the sake of delivery charges. in this case too they will run away with your money.

Ram mandir prasad

In our research, we found many websites, who are just recently created by scammers to offer buy or free ram mandir prasad booking online service. So make sure, stay away from such websites and do not order Ram mandir prasad online as there is no such thing provided by official Ram mandir Trust.

Another Alert is about same occasion, scammers may contact you through social media or WhatsApp or telegram and may ask your to download some app or Apk file to book online darshan of Ram mandir, These apps will be harmful and full of malware which will give complete access of your phone to scammers, in result, they will take access of your bank accounts and withdraw the money from It. So avoid clicking on any links or downloading any App from untrusted source.


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