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How A Dangerous Hacker Group LockBit Was Taken Down By An International Operation

Law enforcement teams from US, UK, and other countries recently took down a LockBit. Because this website was connected to a cybercrime organization that was famous for aiding criminals in carrying out ransomware assaults.

Now a notice stating that the website is under police supervision appears. This action makes it more difficult for the gang to communicate and find new members. It’s an important development in the battle against ransomware.

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On this, the FBI, the UK’s National Crime Agency and a global task force known as “Operation Cronos” are collaborating. Although it’s still a continuous operation, they have acknowledged that they are interfering with the gang’s operations.

In the US alone, LockBit has disrupted over 1700 enterprises, affecting a wide range of sectors including banking, food, education, and government agencies. The group has a reputation for stealing information and extorting money to keep it private. They have recently been a major issue.

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Requests for feedback from LockBit have gone unanswered; however they have said that their backup servers remain unaffected. But the FBI has remained silent.

Moreover French, Japanese, Swiss, Canadian, Australian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, and German are among the other nations involved. When LockBit’s software appeared on forums dedicated to cybercrime in 2020, people took note. Some believe they are headquartered in Russia, but they say they are in the Netherlands and are focused solely on business, not politics.

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