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Your involvement is essential in maintaining a safe and trustworthy online environment for all users. By reporting deep fake videos via link, you contribute to combating the spread of manipulated content and protecting individuals from potential harm. Whether you’ve stumbled upon a deep fake video impersonating someone or spreading false information, we’re here to assist. Please utilize the form below to submit your report.

Reporting Guidelines:

When reporting a deep fake video via link, please furnish as much detail as possible. This includes the link to the video, a description of the manipulated content, and any pertinent information that aids in understanding the nature of the deep fake. Your email address is necessary for communication purposes.

Educational Resources:

In addition to reporting, we offer educational resources to equip users with the knowledge necessary to discern deep fake videos from authentic content. Our blog, tutorials, and FAQs cover topics such as identifying manipulated media, understanding the implications of deep fakes, and techniques for verifying video authenticity. We believe that awareness is paramount in combating misinformation, and we’re committed to empowering our users with the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Continuous Improvement:

We are dedicated to refining our reporting system based on user feedback and emerging threats. Your input enables us to enhance our processes and capabilities, ensuring a more effective response to the proliferation of deep fake videos. We value your feedback and strive to provide a reporting platform that is user-friendly, reliable, and efficient.

Types of Reports:

You can report various issues related to deep fake videos via link, including:

  • Manipulated Content: Videos containing altered or fabricated content.
  • Impersonation: Videos impersonating individuals or entities to deceive viewers.
  • False Information: Videos disseminating false or misleading information.
  • Other: Any other concerns regarding deep fake videos not listed above.


Rest assured that your reports are handled with the utmost confidentiality. We understand the sensitivity of these matters and treat them with care. Your identity and personal information will be kept secure throughout the reporting process.

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Thank you for taking the time to report any Scams/frauds you've encountered. Your vigilance helps us maintain a safer online environment for everyone. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Together, we can create a better online experience for all users.