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How to Protect Email Accounts from Cyber Attacks

How to Protect Email Accounts from Cyber Attacks

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your email got hacked? If not, let me tell you that you will lose all your important data. This kind of email hacking is nothing more than a nightmare for a professional person.

Email is the most popular way to professional and personal communication, but now email hacking is at risk. But there are a few ways to protect your emails, such as using strong passwords, proxies, two-factor authentications, encrypted connections, keeping your software and antivirus programs up to date, etc.

Do you want to know how to protect your email in 2024? Yes? Keep reading.

Here I will share some tips which I used to protect my email.

Protect Email

8 ways to protect your email address

Protecting your email is not hard now because there are various ways to prevent hacker attacks, such as

  • Strong password

Setting a strong password helps you to prevent your email hacking. Because a strong and complex password is hard to guess, so nobody can hack your email. Do you know what a strong password is? Strong password practice means using capital letters in words, adding numbers, and putting some special characters in passwords. For example, EGrt47rtEt23@. The best practice is to pick a minimum of 8 characters password.

A pro tip is that you never use your name and date of birth in the password. Because it is seen that email passwords that include the date of birth and name in the password are easy to hack. Furthermore, you can add multiple words to your password to make guessing hard.

  • Use two-factor authentications

Always turn on two-factor authentication on your device to protect your email. Two-factor authentication is the best way to protect email data from hacking. For example, When you turn on your two-factor authentication and try to log in, the security system will send you a verification code on your device to confirm whether this is you or not. If you try to log in, you will receive a code to log in. If any hacker tries to hack your email, he will be asked to enter a code so he cannot access your email.

In addition, services like Apple and Google let you enable 2FA on your account. You will be asked every time to verify your identity.

  • Use proxies

Use different proxies for visiting other sites to keep your address secure. By using proxies, your original location remains secure, and no hacker can attack your email.

Do you know what proxies are best? The blazing proxies are secure, and you can send emails to anyone with these proxies without showing your location. If your location is not visible to email hackers, they cannot hack your email.

  • Use encrypted connections

Cybercriminals and hackers can easily read the data if your data is not encrypted. That’s why you must use encrypted connections. People usually think that public wifi connections with passwords are secure, but these are not secure, and hackers use these connections to steal your data.

So, if you want to avoid email hacking, you always prefer to use encrypted connections while doing important work.  

  • Keep your software and antivirus tools updated.

Your updated security system and trusted antivirus tool can protect your email from being hacked. Because unauthorized software may steal your data, and in this way, the hacker can easily hack your email.

Moreover, antivirus websites are best to protect your email from hacking. Because this tool easily detects malware and suspicious apps that target your email. So keep your device software updated and use the best antivirus to prevent any email hacking attack.

  • Don’t click the suspicious link.

Attackers send links via email or another social account to introduce ransomware or malware to your device. So be careful to click any random click because when you click on these clocks, malware is automatically installed in your system, and hackers can easily access your email and steal your data.  

There are different ways of hacking your email by sending fake emails containing links such as phishing emails, spoofed emails, spear phishing emails, SPF,  DMARC, etc., so be careful about such fake email scamming that the hackers usually use.

  • Download the software app with causation.

Users usually download many online software and applications from non-trusted sources like cracked apps or modified free versions of applications. However, such applications are not trustworthy to install in your system. The reason is that these softwares comes with viruses and suspicious files that could be the reason for your email hacking. Hackers usually promote such cracked software and mod applications to attack someone’s emails.

So avoid downloading such applications; otherwise, your email account will be at risk.

  • Log out your email from other devices.

If you log in to your email on different devices like your office PC or a friend’s phone, don’t forget to log out from such devices because anyone can hack your email easily if they have direct excesses. So, after doing your task, log out from all devices to avoid email hacking.             


As you know email is mostly used for personal and professional purposes. But nowadays, email hacking makes it a less trustworthy way to communicate because it is to hack email, and all data gets leaked. However, following the above-mentioned tips is possible to prevent email hacking. It is important to prevent email hacking because it is like blocking the first door to your precious data. So be careful to avoid email hacking.

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