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Have you lost your hard-earned significant money on an online investment? Investing is a tricky business, full of ups and downs. Sometimes, even the most promising investments can take an unexpected turn because of investing scams, leading to losses.

Have you gone through this? Do you know what investment turned out to be a scam, leading to a significant loss for you? No? Don’t fret. I’ll explain because I believe talking about these online investing scam experiences can help others. It gives them good advice and warnings for when they’re thinking about investing.

Do you know why these investment scams occur to you? It happens when you ignore red flags about investment. Nowadays a lot of people are becoming prey to investment scams. According to a report in the USA, almost 106,000 American investors faced an investment fraud of more than $6.38 billion.

Additionally, UK finance reported 10085 scam cases with fraud of €114.1m. Do you want to learn how to avoid investment scams in 2024? Keep reading


Investment scam

7 Warning sign of Investment Scam  

It is difficult to differentiate between a high-risk yet legitimate venture and a con game. According to UK finance data, the majority of investing scams are from online platforms and telecommunications. Almost 78 percent were initiated online, 18 percent by mobile phone, and 2 percent via email.



7 Warning sign of Investment Scam  

If you plan to do online investment, be aware of the following red flags of investment scam.

  • Feeling pressured

If the company where you are investing is pressuring you by saying you have limited time to avail of this deal, then you know you are at the edge of being scammed. The real and known professionals will give you enough time to make your decision.

  • Secretive deal

If they tell you to keep it secretive, it’s a scam. If they discourage you from discussing it with your loved ones, step back immediately.

  • Promises too good to be true in investment scam

If they are ensuring you an unbelievable return, it’s a scam. The investment comes with risks and benefits.

  • Unexpected contact

 If a brand contacts you with unrealistic offers, know they are a red flag. Why would a famous and real company contact anybody without any prior interaction?

  • Avoid social media lures.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are full of scammers who try to pull you into their scams. Be aware of profiles that say they share wealth-generating “secrets.”

  • Love and money are a risky combo.

Be careful of scams that mix romance with investment. Some scammers make their victims special by flirting with them.

  • If you see any of these interactions, make the security tight
  • Say no to them. Block and report them
  • Do research and look for reviews online before making any investment.
  • Protect all your details and social media sites.

Tips to avoid investment scam


Tips to avoid investment scam

Here are some effective tips to avoid investment scams, such as

  • Check firm legitimization

Before making any investment, make sure the company is registered with a financial regulatory body in your country. Do full-time research. If these are not registered companies, something is fishy. Stay away because there are high chances of scams.

  • Check out the person offering investment.

The best way to avoid investment scams is to check out the person offering you investment plans. Do research about that person’s identity; ask about people’s reviews about that person’s investment scams.

  • Ask questions 

Scammers think you won’t investigate them before investing. Ask them questions, but also do independent research. Don’t rely on them only.

  • Do research

Never make an investment only based on emails, messages, or broad postings. Do the research and make sure about the company’s business and its products or services before investing.

  • Know the salesperson

Make some time to do research to know the person to know the person touting you even if you know the person already. Make sure the person is licensed and their firm has run-ins with regulators or other investors.

  • Avoid unsolicited offers

You should be aware if you receive an unsolicited pitch for investment or you see its hype on social media but cannot find any information from independent sources. Never invest before proper research and investigation.

Make yourself aware of different tactics and online investment scam.

How to recover from an investment scam?

How to recover from such investment scams?

If you have been scammed, know that you are not alone. You have to take immediate steps to limit the financial damage. Here are some key steps to take if you get scammed, such as

  • Stop sending money

If you feel that you have been scammed, stop sending further money to a scammer. Ask your bank to stop any withdrawals from your account.

  • Report the scammer

If you have paid the scammer via your bank or any online money transfer application, take a screenshot, send it to local police or law enforcement, and report him. Police will take action and help you to return your money.

  • Contact the bank to reverse your money.

If you have used your bank application to send money, contact your bank to reverse your payment which you have shared with the scammer. Your bank will definitely reverse your payment if you still have time to reverse the money.


Investment scams are real, and many investors have lost millions of dollars, homes, cars, etc., in investment scams. Scammers present the best investment deals to you and convince you to invest heavily in their plans. But in the end, they pay you profit even with your invested money. But you can avoid investment fraud if you pay attention to warning signs. You can also avoid investment scams by following the tips mentioned above.

So be careful while investing in anyone’s business or plan.

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