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Clickbait Gone Wrong: Taiwanese Influencer Chen Neng-chuan Jailed for Faking Abduction in Cambodia Scam Mill Stunt

Taiwanese influencer Chen Neng-chuan 31 years old, who is popular for his videos featuring creepy topics suddenly found himself in serious difficulties. Just for publicity he pretended he was kidnapped in Cambodia, but it was all a fake. His family was involved in his nasty stunt, especially his wife who made a video to make this stunt more real. Chen Neng-chuan livestreamed on February 12th his dramatic escape from his supposed captors to his fans, his intention was to gain more attention from his fans but his bad luck that landed him in jail for two years and a big fine.

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Chen Nengs story

Initially Chen hinted that he would uncover terrible things occurring in Cambodia while stating he would travel to the world’s deadliest locations.

He claimed to have escaped from some nasty people operating in a city notorious for scams during a broadcast on February 12th, when he appeared battered. To add to the drama, his wife even claimed he disappeared from the internet.

Dramatic Escape Unravels

All his online users quickly noticed something wasn’t adding up and this thing made his whole story suspicious. Liu Yu, another well-known figure on the internet, examined Chen’s video to determine his true location to know the truth but he discovered that he had invented his escape path.

But he found that there were other weird things too like not asking for help when he easily could have but he still had his filming gear even though he said he lost everything.

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Chen and his wife 34-year-old Lu Tsu-hsien were apprehended by Cambodian officials in proving that everything about the situation was a lie. Evidence showed that Chen Neng-chuan prepared the fraud, such as purchasing fictitious military gear and blood, was discovered.

Justice served

A Cambodian court jailed Chen and Lu to two years in prison and a fine each after finding that they disrupted society. To prevent others from doing similar things to harm Cambodia’s reputation, the governor stated they had to be punished.

Lesson learned

Chen’s stunt didn’t just hurt Cambodia’s reputation; it made people trust online influencers less. As influencers get more popular, they need to remember to be honest and responsible with their content.


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