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CYBER CRIME: Retired Navy Officer Duped in Rs 68 Lakh Cyber Con Posing as Narcotics Officials

An alarming incident occurred when 55-year-old former Indian Navy officer Ramlakhedi Manoj Bhurariya lost Rs 68 lakh to a cunning cyber scam. Bhurariya reported the event to the Mumbai Crime Branch, which launched a comprehensive inquiry into the scam. Bhurariya had previously held a senior post at the Indian Navy’s Delhi headquarters.

A Telephone Scam Emerges

Bhurariya first fell victim to the fraud when he received messages from a fake Skype ID. He then received frightening video calls threatening to put him in jail. Bhurariya sought assistance from the Mumbai Crime Branch when these threats became an extortion demand of Rs 68 lakh. Bhurariya’s comprehensive complaint has prompted the Cyber Crime Police to investigate the issue and begin a fraud investigation.

The Scammers’ Approach

On January 25, Bhurariya received a call from someone posing as Harish Nayak from FedEx’s Mumbai branch. This was the beginning of the intricate fraud. Nayak claimed that illegal chemicals were found in a package shipped under Bhurariya’s name from Mumbai to Taiwan. Bhurariya was tipped off to a con artist acting as Inspector Prakash Kumar from the Narcotics Mumbai Crime Branch after being told to contact the Cyber Crime Unit due to his doubts about the validity of the shipment.

After earning Bhurariya’s trust, Kumar suggested that they communicate securely via Skype and cautioned him not to use his phone while they were talking because of cell surveillance. Bhurariya was promised through a fictitious WhatsApp agreement that his assistance would keep a warrant from being issued until the inquiry was over.


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A Forged Financial Demand

The fraud became more sophisticated when a second con artist, posing as Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) IPS Baal Singh Rajput, reached out to Bhurariya through Skype. Complicating matters, this imposter connected Bhurariya’s Aadhaar number to a money laundering case.

Bhurariya was forced to produce bank statements for the previous six months on the pretence of an investigation. The con artists then sent him a phoney letter purporting to be from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), telling him to send 49% of the money under investigation via RTGS with the promise of a reimbursement later.

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A Silent Struggle for Justice

Bhurariya did as directed, depositing Rs 68.49 lakh into the three designated bank accounts on different days. Bhurariya has not received any communication from the scammers via WhatsApp or Skype, even though they promised to communicate and reimburse her.

Bhurariya’s experience underscores the devious methods employed by hackers and the necessity of being vigilant in the digital era as the Mumbai Crime Branch delves into this complex case of identity theft and money laundering.


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