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Courier Scam: Bengaluru 66-year-old person lost Rs 1.52 crore

In our fast-paced digital world, scams are on the rise, and scams have become the biggest challenge for us to tackle. Now one that’s becoming more common is the “Courier Scam”. Let’s dive into what this scam is all about and how courier scams are increasing rapidly and targeting Innocent people with a fear approach. Let’s look at a recent incident in Bengaluru, how a courier scam led to a 1.52 crore scam. In this article we will discuss the complete incident and, most importantly, learn easy ways to keep ourselves safe from falling for these tricky schemes.


The Bengaluru Incident: A Warning Sign

Recently, in Bengaluru, a 66-year-old person faced a big loss of Rs 1.52 crore because of a Courier Scam. The scammers pretended to be police officers, tricking the victim into thinking they found illegal stuff in a package addressed to them. Somehow scammers got to know that the person had done some courier and with that courier information, they contacted that person by claiming that in his courier they found illegal drugs. This sad incident reminds us that anyone can be a target, and we need to be alert to protect ourselves.

Understanding the Courier Scam: Sneaky Tricks

Courier Scams, also called package or delivery scams, happen when scammers pretend to be real courier services provider representatives (FedEx DHL, or DTDC representative) to fool people into taking away personal information or money from the victim, they perform it in a way, where its hard to guess whether they are legit or scammers. These scams often target vulnerable folks, especially older adults which makes it easy for scammers to deal with.

How the Scam Works: A Sneak Peek

Step 1: The First Contact The scammers act like they’re from famous courier companies like FedEx or DHL (Depending upon which courier company the victim has used to courier his package). Now somehow that information gets leaked and gets into the hands of scammers.No scammers call the victim and say they found a package meant for you with illegal items kind of illegal drugs.

Step 2: Playing with Your Feelings To make you scared, the scammers threaten to arrest you or take away your things if you don’t do what they say. They share details about the fake package, like a tracking number or sender info, to make you trust them. The whole scene is planned In a way that most people trust them blindly and start following their instructions. In some cases, it has been observed that scammers even do video calls with victims wearing police costumes so that victims get sure that this one is a legit call and I think, it’s enough to build the trust of the victim on the scammer.

Step 3 Once you start agreeing with their terms, they will come to the final phase which is Asking for Money. This is the climax. They will ask for money to clear the package and avoid legal trouble for you. People get scared of getting into any legal trouble, they agree to pay the amount whatsoever is demanded. They might ask you to wire money, send gift cards, or even pay in cash. But once you pay them, this will not end. They will ask for more money from you, they will keep on asking until you stop sending them. 

Scammers plan these stories in that way, where a victim does not even come into a position where they can ask anyone about this incident. That’s why we have introduced the Verifyscams app, which you can download from the Google Play Store. We have added a chatbot, who is well-trained to deal with queries related to scams. You can ask him queries and get answers in real-time. Just in a few seconds, you will get to know that this call is a scam call. Along with this, you will get notifications related to the scam alerts happening around you. This makes you aware of the scams and keeps you safe from all that, so make sure you download the Verifyscams app from the Google Play Store.

Let’s move further, as explained courier scam is a very dangerous scam so it’s important to learn how to stay safe from such scams.

Tips to Stay Safe: Easy Ways to Avoid Courier Scams

Keep Your Info Safe: Never share personal details over the phone or through email. Real courier companies don’t ask for this info that way. if you still have doubts, just call the official numbers provided on their website and ask the customer to care about this.

Be Cautious: If you get unexpected calls or emails from courier companies, be careful. Check if it’s legit before doing anything. Legacy is important to cross, just a verbal declaration by someone about his identity is not enough. 

No Money Transfers or Gift Cards: Never send money or gift cards to anyone as a payment. Scammers love to use these methods. Even if someone asks, just disconnect the call and block such numbers. 

Report Suspicious Stuff: If something doesn’t feel right, report it to the authorities. This helps stop the scammers and protects others. If you don’t report this, this can be your biggest mistake. The more you report, the more you will stay safe. Even if you have already been scammed, you can report this to your bank, they may try to recover your money. 

FedEx’s Warning: Keeping Things Secure

FedEx, a big courier company, warns us not to share personal info if someone asks for it unexpectedly. If you get weird calls or messages, contact local law enforcement or report them to the cybercrime department in India.

In Conclusion: Staying Alert and Safe

In a world full of scams, staying alert is crucial. The Bengaluru incident is a reminder of how important it is to be aware. By sharing what we know with friends and family, we create a shield against scams. Remember, report anything fishy, and let’s work together to stop these scams. Do share this article with your family and friends so that they can also be aware of such scams. Stay safe, stay informed! Keep Using 


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