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No OTP message, No calls, Mumbai man lost all money from bank account – Cyber crime reported

No OTP message, No calls, Mumbai man lost all money from bank account – Cyber crime reported

Daily we get to know cybercrime incidents around us, Just a few days back another new scam incident was reported in Mumbai. A 70-year-old man named Vishwajit from Mumbai recently became a victim of cybercrime, losing all his money from his bank account. Surprisingly, he didn’t receive any OTP messages, didn’t share any information on a call, and didn’t even get a call. On November 23rd, he got a message about money being debited from his bank account via his credit card. Once Vishwajit got to know that he had been scammed and lost the money.he immediately went to the bank and blocked his debit or credit card, Also he reported the incident to the cyber police.


But here after, the question arises, how scammer successfully perform the transaction even victim did not share any OTP? So let’s dive into the story and get a basic understanding of how scammers do such scams with innocent people..

 How scammers hack Bank Account

To perform a transaction, it’s important to submit an OTP which is a time password that a bank payment terminal generates when the user tries to perform the transaction, and this OTP is used to authorize the transaction. If the wrong OTP is submitted then the transaction will get declined by the bank and it will fail. So it is very important to submit the right OTP while performing the transaction.

Importance of OTP

Now one thing is clear OTP is a Must part of a transaction. Now if the victim has not shared the OTP then it means, the scammer has access to the victim’s phone and can read every message that a victim is receiving on his phone number, which includes OTP messages too. So scammers can read the OTP and make it easy for them to perform the transactions.

Read the complete story below to get an understanding of their approach to target people with such kinds of scams.

Here’s what happened:

Cybercriminals often use clever tactics. They might send a message through WhatsApp or a normal text with an interesting link. Clicking on that link could install a malicious app on your phone, giving cybercriminals access to everything—your messages, call logs, photos, camera, microphone, and even bank details like UPI and credit cards.

Phone Access Misuse

Once they have access, cybercriminals can make transactions when you’re not using your phone, like late at night. They read and delete OTP messages so you won’t know what’s happening. Scammers always smartly do such scams so that they can get as much as money possible from your bank accounts. Even this is observed that in some cases, people got to know after 1 or 2 months that they had been scammed and money got debited from their bank account. So it is important to understand how you can safeguard yourself from such scams. Follow the below-given tips to avoid such scams.

Don’t click on random links:-

Just one click on any random link can lead to a big disaster. If any malicious app gets installed on your phone most probably you are going to be the next target of scammer. To Avoid that make sure to not download apps from outside the official app stores (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Always download apps from the official apps store because they cross the apps and their codes only after they publish the apps on the app store. Which makes the use of the app safe and also safeguards you from such scams. Also, Keep your phone security settings active to prevent unknown apps from being installed. This will block your phone from downloading apps that may get automatically downloaded on your phone without even taking your permission.

To do such a setting you can do below given steps:-

1:- On your home screen of the phone, go to Settings.
2:- Tap on Lock screen and security. If not available, tap on Security.
3:- Turn on or off the Unknown sources switch.

These settings are very important to set up on your phone, otherwise it may be riskier to not keep such settings phone. Also, keep updating apps on your phone as developers keep on updating the security features of the apps to keep browsing safe for the users.

Don’t give your phone to a random person for any use:-

Very strange incidents are noticed where some random person comes to you and asks for your phone to just do one call. You will find such people are bus stations or railway stations. They will ask for the phone to just make one call to his family member. Now what they do, they will dial a call forwarding number, due to which whatever messages and calls you receive, all get forwarded to the number that they entered while setting up call forwarding. Now they can receive all your messages and calls of yours on their number.

Register on Payment app on your behalf

Which makes it easy to register your number on the Payment app, and helps to perform transactions. So always remember, to share your phone with those people only who are well known to you, also keep on checking whether call forwarding is set up on your phone or not. You can check call forwarding by dialing *#21#. if you notice any unexpected call forwarding, immediately turn it off. This may save you from getting scammed.

Scammers keep on changing their ways of doing scams, so it’s important to stay updated about such scams, You can find the latest news and stories about scams on our website The more you stay aware of scams, the more you stay safe from them.

Cyber crime

Cyber crime

Do share such stories with your family and friends to spread awareness related to scams. Also If you have already been scammed, or want to report the scam, you can report cyber crime using this national cyber crime reporting portal. Do not hesitate to report scams. 

By following these steps, you can better protect yourself from falling victim to these kinds of cyber crimes. For more such valuable information keep using

Do you know about courier scams? if not, must read this article.

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