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Dating Scam: Protecting Your Heart and Wallet Online

Dating Scam: Protecting Your Heart and Wallet Online

Millions of people use online dating apps to get a romantic partner, but there is a risk of dating scams. Dating applications share success stories via ads to promote their online dating application, but the reality is a bit different. Many people shared their bad experiences like they got scammed on online dating apps and lost their money in this romance fraud. According to a report, people in Canada lost 1 billion dollars in online dating scams. So the question is how to prevent online dating scams?

Let me tell you there are many ways to protect your heart and wallet from online dating scams, such as Verify Their Identity, Guard Personal Information, Spotting Red Flags, Safe Online conversations, Meeting Safely Offline, not sending money, Reporting Scammers, etc.

This article will guide you on what an online dating scam is, its signs and tips to avoid online dating scams in 2024.

Dating scams


4 Common signs of online dating scams

Online romance scammers are experts in doing dating scams without getting noticed. They know how to trick you and manipulate you to do what they ask for. But people who had a bad experience shared some common signs of online dating scams. If you want to avoid all kinds of online dating scams, look for romance scam signs such as

  • Scammers profess love quickly.

The first and most common sign of online dating scams is that the scammer will express his or her strong love emotions quickly and will mention that he loves you even without meeting or knowing you in real life. But don’t believe it; it’s not true. It is just a trick to attract you, and hey, try it with different people.

So, if someone confesses love to you within a few days of meeting online, it’s a sign of an online dating scam.

  • Romance scammers will ask for money frequently.

Have you ever experienced that your online dating partner asks you for some money often? If yes, then mark my words; he is a scam. The scammer will make a fake story like they need money for an emergency or pay a bill urgently. The fake lover will come with a new story to ask you for money. So while online dating, your partner is asking for money and not returning you, which mean he is a scammer.

Dating scams

  • Online scammers try to get you out of dating sites

Online scammers try to get you out of dating sites and join other instant messaging apps. They will ask you for your email address for sending each other emails, images, videos, and other files. If your partner also asks you to leave a dating site and personal contact number, it’s a red flag for you.

They do this to reach you out easily to get your personal information.

  • The scammer will cancel visiting plans.

It’s the biggest sign of a scammer that he will refuse to meet you. First, he will confirm the visiting plan, but on meeting day, he will refuse by making any excuse. Like he is not well or has an emergency with a friend or family member, so he can’t come to meet you.

In addition, he might ask you for money to buy a plane ticket to meet you because he lost money. Don’t believe such things, and stop dating that person. He is a scammer.

Tips to protect your Heart and Wallet from Online dating scam

Do you want to know how to avoid getting scammed on dating sites? Here are some tips that can save you from online dating scams

  • Choose the right dating platform

While dating online platforms matter a lot, not all dating sites and apps are legit. There are many sites which are involved in dating scams. These sites use a bot or their team to trick the users. This kind of romance scammers demand money in the name of love. So, you have to choose the perfect dating platform for you if you want to find the best romantic partner.

Do research before signing up on any dating application, and check people’s online reviews about dating applications to avoid dating scams.


Online dating

  • Verify Their Identity

Before getting involved with someone from a dating app, verify their identity. A report showed that 45 percent of people on dating sites don’t reveal their identity, use fake names and pictures, and share fake information about themselves. Scammers also do the same to trick innocent people like you, so it is better to check their identity before dating them and pouring your heart in front of them.

To check their real identity, search that name on Google, which he is using on dating sites, and check photos on social platforms they share to be sure they are fake or real.

  • Guard Personal Information

Mostly in dating scams, scammers always ask for your personal information like what you do, where you work, about your family members, your date of birth, etc.

They use such information to blackmail you in future if you don’t obey them and send them money. So don’t share your personal information with random people.

  • Safe online conversation

If you are dating someone online and talking daily, have a safe online conversation because the scammer can take a screenshot of your chat and blackmail you in future. So talk wisely and use appropriate wording to avoid online dating scams.

  • Meeting Safely Offline

If your online dating partner is planning to visit you offline, make a decision wisely. Choose a safe place for a meeting, and inform your family or friends about your meeting to avoid any scams. 

  • Don’t send money.

If you want to protect your hard-earned money, don’t send this money to your online dating partner because it’s their scamming trick to always ask for money, so be clever and don’t send money.


Safeguarding yourself from online dating scams is essential. You can enjoy online dating while keeping your heart and wallet secure by choosing the right platform, verifying identities, protecting personal information, recognizing red flags, and prioritizing safety. Stay cautious and report any suspicious activity to ensure a safer online dating experience.

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