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How a Mumbai Man Loses Rs 1 Crore in new Online Movie Rating Scam

How a Mumbai Man Loses Rs 1 Crore in new Online Movie Rating Scam

Online fraud in many countries are big problem. That is also the case with India. Many people across the country fell in to these scams. Scammers use various methods to trick people and extract money from their pockets. One such scam he has is the Prey to these cyber traders and lost hundreds of rupees movie rating scam. This scam involves scammers offering part-time jobs and tricking people into depositing money for higher fees.

Online movie Rating Scam

How Scammers scam people with movie Rating Scam

In a recent Movie Rating Scam, fraudsters successfully defrauded people of Mumbai of over Rs 1 billion by even threatening them with income tax collection. According to a TOI report, a 43-year-old doctor from Birar (West) Gokul town received a message on the Telegram app on January 2. The sender was a person named Hafiza @ 094 who offered the doctor a part-time job by saying he could make money by rating movies online. She asked the doctor to provide her bank account details so that she could open a new bank account to transfer the commission. Attracted by the attractive offer, the doctor agreed to work with her and shared her bank account details.

Movie rating scam is all about trusting them 

 Then, to begin her work, the doctor received her 28 movie tickets online and verified them. After completing the first task, he received Rs 830 as commission in his bank account. The scammer then asked the doctor to deposit a certain amount of money in order to receive a higher reward. The next day, following the scammer’s instructions, the doctor transferred Rs 9,900 to an unknown bank account to receive the promised high fee. The victim worked for several days and apparently earned about 3.1 million rupees in commissions. But when he decided to withdraw the money, he was first told that he needed to deposit 1.5 million rupees. The fraudsters continued to increase the fees and within four to five days, the fees reached Rs 1.96 billion.

Scammers Starts threating to victim

 In addition, the scammers in this Movie Rating Scam threatened the victims with mandatory income tax collection and forced them to pay 800,000 rupees in ‘income tax’. According to the report, the doctor said that he deposited 1.09 billion rupees in order to finally get his remuneration back. The victim realized that he had been deceived and later contacted the police and filed a complaint. Scams like this are becoming increasingly common, especially on social media. It’s important to be aware of when someone is trying to take advantage of you, especially if they are offering something that seems too good to be true. Always do your research and avoid responding to random messages and calls offering money for jobs or simple tasks.


Online Movie Rating Scheme

Avoiding online scamers

Inadequate cyber-security can lead to identity theft and financial loss, like in this previously mentioned Movie Rating Scam. Most scammers and scammers have his two main objectives: stealing money and personal information. You need to know what to look for, how they work, and what to do to protect yourself and your finances. Maintaining cyber-security is also very important for consumers. It’s not just large corporations and other businesses that are affected.

Here are the steps you can take: Don’t open emails from people you don’t know. If you are unsure whether an email you received is legitimate, try contacting the sender directly through other means. Be wary of links and new website addresses. The address of a malicious website can look almost identical to a legitimate website. To lure you in, scammers often use slightly different spellings or logos. Malicious links can also come from friends whose emails have been unknowingly compromised. Protect your personal information. Make sure the site is secure before entering personal information such as your date of birth, social security number, account number, or password.

Fake Telegram Channels and Groups

Telegram scams refer to malicious or fraudulent activities that take place on the Telegram messaging app, including scams like this Movie Rating Scam.  The rise in Telegram fraud and cybercrime is due in part to the app’s ease of channel creation and user anonymity.  While Tor’s traditional dark website can take days or weeks to set up, creating Telegram channels and groups takes only seconds. Threat actors used Telegram to distribute Infostealer malware logs, files containing millions of unique credentials that malware victims had stored in their browsers.As cybercrime on Telegram continues to rise, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to develop effective monitoring approaches.

Using Identity of Real person or company

Scammers often create near-identical versions of genuine Telegram channels to trick victims into believing they are participating in a genuine crypto-currency project channel. Channels may have similar names and profile pictures,  the same static message, and  admins with usernames that are nearly identical to their canonical usernames. Chats are often set as “broadcast only”, which prevents users from writing messages in the chat. These accounts often promote giveaways, prizes, pre-launch token flash sales, etc.

Channel Admin Begins the scam

 Once you are added to such a channel, users or administrators will start contacting you and trying to get you to click on links or reveal personal information in order to steal your personal information or hack your account. This fraud is one of the many cases worldwide. Sometimes the amount of lost money is lower and scamers have developed a scheme for perfect lie. In all cases people with higher income are a target and made belived that they will earn a lot – and that will be a very easy! Please be aware who do you trust online.

 Also, there are many other frauds that are less mentioned online – like personal data miss use, unauthorized phone numbers usage for scammers’ needs, using personal pictures for making sexual content online act. One big scamming problem is crypto currencies, where one can lose a lot of money – without any trace of the illegal withdrawing from the network. This case of Movie Rating Scam is only the tip of the iceberg and a signpost for others not to trust to someone with this kind of offer.


When ever you encounter with a easy money making scheme from work, there are higher chances of getting fraud. In schemes like movie rating, they first win the trust of the victim and later run away with the big amount. If you encounter such scam, do report it to Cyber crime investigation Agency.

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