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courier scam Alert : Indians losing lakhs to the new courier scam

Courier scam Alert : Indians losing lakhs to the new courier scam



In this modern era, it is impossible to do business and transactions without technology. Compared to technology, the world has progressed so much that it has become impossible to function without it. The world has become so fast that everything uses technology, it makes work faster and easier, it saves time. So the work that gives ease has some disadvantages on the other hand, its proper use can give us many benefits, but some people misuse it and get the wrong benefits. Many people keep trying to rob people by misusing technology. So today we will talk about this scheme called the Courier Scheme. This scam mostly takes place in India and many types of scams can scam you physically or online. And many scammers steal people’s sensitive information and steal their hard-earned money through fraud. It is spreading like wildfire in India and almost enough people have fallen victim to it. Let us first discuss its types and then how it can be avoided.


Understand the new courier scam:

Let’s first understand how Courier Scam works and how it works. Most fraudsters operate based on deception and deception. Fraudsters often take advantage of the reputation associated with entities that pose as legitimate courier services or government agencies. They use various techniques to create a sense of panic and urgency in the person in front of them so that people are afraid to listen to them. And forces people to work without any verification. These usually send people fake notifications about undelivered packages, claiming that the sender must verify their identity or pay a delivery fee to proceed, the official said. Use of language and people. They use them to create an illusion of legitimacy, which reinforces what they are saying and makes the front person believe that it is a government official or government employee. Due to this many people share their personal information with them without verification which makes them fall prey to scams. Victims either share their personal information with them for fear of their network being compromised or trust the apparent authority of the message and unwittingly pay the fraudster by providing sensitive information or fall into the trap themselves. I get stuck. Go give money. Fraudsters often lure victims into doubling or even 10 times their money, causing them to fall prey to the scams.


How the scam works:


The new courier scam, which has a systematic approach, follows a method designed to manipulate victims step by step. Messages sent to victims via MS or WhatsApp are often in the same language inciting fear or anxiety. The victim is then directed to a bogus website where they are asked to enter their personal information including bank statements or account numbers etc. In some cases, fraudsters may request payment in advance to settle a fraudulent delivery case. This payment request is usually done in unconventional ways that make it easy for them to trace your bank account.


Scam Alert for Indian Citizens. 

India has seen an increase in the number of scammers due to which citizens need to be on high alert. Fraudsters often target the trusted and exploit the uniqueness of courier services for various needs. They must recognize the signs of new courier scammers and take precautions. If you have any doubts about an undelivered package or a delivery fee payment request, please pay the bill to send it to your address, so be careful not to take any action. Be sure to verify the details independently first. Find information regarding couriers with official websites or contact courier services directly using publicly available contact details. Never share sensitive information without verifying the legitimacy of the communication. Do not share or pay for it.



Tips to Stay Safe from Courier Scam:

1. Verify the legitimacy

  • Cross-reference information from official websites or contact details of courier services
  • Contacting an independent speculator to verify the authenticity of the incoming message

2. Exercise caution with personal information

  • Be careful about sharing personal information, especially in response to unsolicited messages, emails, or 
  • Legitimate courier services generally do not request sensitive information through unsolicited communications and do not collect personal information from 

3. Double-check payment requests:

  • Be sure to scrutinize any payment request, especially if it deviates from standard payment methods used by legitimate courier services.
  • Incase of any payment verification, please refer to the official channel of Courier Services

4. Report suspicious activity:

  • If you receive a message that you suspect or think you may be the victim of a scam, be sure to report it to local 
  • Be aware of potential courier service scammers and provide their details to help combat their fraudulent 


Government initiatives and resources:

To avoid scammers like Courier Scammers, the Government of India has made some plans to educate the public and how to avoid it. that are available on the government website. To access these issues you will need to visit the government website where you will find all the information individuals need to engage with these resources to raise awareness of these tactics. Due to this, we can be free from potential scammers although the government has played its role the responsibility is now on us to protect ourselves. Unite.



There are also some dishonest people in the society. As technology advances, unscrupulous people try to cheat in different ways. The new courier scandal is a testament to the emerging cyber threats.

Individuals can fortify themselves against falling prey to these scanners. Remember, authentication is key in the digital age. Every moment of trust can save you from the complex web of fraud and scammers. If you want to protect yourself, you have to be vigilant, take care of everything, and protect your personal information. Be sure to share information with friends and family so you can unite as a vigilant community against fraudsters, stay safe, and stay informed.

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