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Call Forwarding Scam – How to stay safe ?

Call Forwarding Scam – How to stay safe ?

More and more online scams are happening, and now there’s a scam targeting smartphone users called the Call Forwarding Scam. In this scam, tricksters pretend to be from phone companies or internet providers and say there’s a problem with your account or SIM card. Let’s break down what this scam is all about and how to protect yourself.

Understanding the Call Forwarding Scam

In the Call Forwarding Scam, scammers act like a phone or internet people and tell you your account got hacked or your SIM card has issues. They suggest a fix where you need to dial a number starting with 401. Once you do that, your calls go to their number. Then, they try to log into your accounts, like messaging apps or banks, and easily get the one-time passwords sent to your phone.

These scammers are getting clever, setting up extra security in other accounts, making it hard for you to get in. Some scams even use fake caller IDs, making it easy for people to fall for them.


How to Stay Safe

To avoid falling for the Call Forwarding Scam, don’t click on any strange links. If someone says they’re from a company and tells you to dial a code on your phone, don’t do it. Use caller ID apps to check if the caller is legit, and don’t react right away to calls from numbers you don’t know.

Keep an eye on your accounts for anything unusual, and check with your phone company to make sure your SIM card is safe. If you feel any kind of suspicious thing, immediately contact your bank or respective authorities. Do not Ignore such things at any cost.

Stay alert to protect your personal info and avoid getting caught up in these scams.

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